Risk Management

 Standards, Regulations, Legislation in relation to:

Solicitors Regulation Authority 

Solicitors Account Rules

Bar Standards Board

Legal Services Act

Provision of service

​Security Industry Authority

Equality & Diversity 

Social Inclusion

Employment Law 

Consumer Protection

Health & Safety

Anti Money Laundering

Anti Bribery

Data Protection​

Email, Social Media

ISO 9001

​ISO 27001




BS 8477

BS 76000

Customer Service Excellence

Investors In People

(note: the above is not a  comprehensive list. Please check coverage if not listed)

COLP/COFA - Legal Industry Only

Customer/Client Focus






Outsourced/Third Party Providers/Suppliers


Once implementation is complete, a final full review under this service will be conducted which will include a compliance audit against any standard that the organisation may wish to apply for. Feedback will be provided including any compliance issues and recommendations will be made. Provided you have and will continuously maintain the systems as implemented, you will be ready for assessment or audit against relevant quality standards such as ISO 9001, LEXCEL, IIP, BS76000, BS8470 & CSE should you wish to apply for accreditation. Note that accreditation fee's are separate from any consultancy fee's and are payable directly to the relevant assessment body. 

Once this service is complete, the organisation will be eligible for the reduced rate Internal Audit/Monitoring reviews​. Please see above. Organisations find this service valuable as it protects against internal reviewer complacency, conducted by an experienced & effective auditor that always looks for continuous improvement, schedule can be fixed or random and does not take up staff earning time. Provides an external review to ensure that  'all is well or not as the case may be. 



Conducted to determine the level of effectiveness, efficiency & compliance of current working practices. It is different from a 'gap analysis or health check' which commonly only identifies deficiencies against specific standards. Method used is not a 'tick box' exercise but audit combined with a thought process to identify the simplest & most effective method to achieve best practice & outcomes which always includes risk management & regulatory compliance with a focus on customer/client service. This is a robust assessment and will take 1-3 days depending on size & type of organisation. Discussions with staff will be necessary but disruption is kept to a minimal once access to necessary information is provided. Business needs will always be prioritised. 

 Comprehensive audit & review of actual working practices, plans, documents etc undertaken against best practice, relevant rules, regulations, standards & legislation 



People Management/Leadership/Competence

Financial Management


  Optional Service - Internal Audit/Monitoring reviews

 Only available  on completion of Management System Implementation & Business Review service. 

  • management of your internal audit/monitoring review programme
  • Reduced daily rate of £400 + vat (note: Internal audits monitoring checks really only need one day per site)
  • How often is your choice-  annually, bi annually,  quarterly or monthly 
  • If more than twice a year can be scheduled to ensure detailed review of all systems covered over the period. 
  • can be used to enable compliance with any internal audit/review requirements of Standards (ISO9001, LEXCEL)
  • random checks can be scheduled to discourage complacency  
  • enables monitoring of compliance &  risk as will always be included in checks​


Provided you continuously maintain the systems as implemented, you now have an organisation with a sound foundation for continuous improvement & sustainable business growth!

Complaints Handling/problem resolution



You will receive a full written report and a verbal discussion on the outcome of the assessment. Recommendations will be made on the implementation of plans, processes, procedures and the setting up of a system specific to your organisation. The objective will be to ensure that it is simple but effective, efficient & based on best practice, risk management & compliance and enables you to stimulate growth through increased customer/client satisfaction, retention and winning new business. Emphasis is placed on collaboration with your employees, staff members to ensure meaningful engagement enabling effective implementation of the recommendations by those responsible for the implementation process. 

Service Provision/Matter management





Management System Implementation & Business Review Detail

 4 stages

Clients/Customers come from the following industries:

  • Legal  - Solicitors, Barristers 
  • Accountant's
  • Security Services
  • Marketing/Advertising Services
  • IT Industry
  • Educational establishments - Universities, Colleges
  • Support services

Lowton Consultancy

Quality Management Systems | Quality Standards | Risk & Compliance | Practice & HR Management 

You are also ready for assessment or audit against relevant quality standards such as ISO 9001, LEXCEL, IIP, BS76000, BS8470 & CSE should you wish to gain accreditation.





Structure, Strategy, Organisational Context



Once the recommendations are agreed the implementation process is managed from start to finish. Those at the organisation responsible for implementation will be given full coaching, support & guidance on effectively integrating recommendations into working practice. There will an organisation wide training & information session conducted to ensure that everyone is familiar and understands any new working practice and how it impacts on them, its benefits and how they can contribute to the growth & success of the organisation. Human nature is such that there will normally be some negativity and Jamilah who is a Chartered Member of the CIPD will be on hand to provide guidance. Where appropriate, a digital induction presentation will be prepared for use within the organisation. 

​Implementation can take anytime up to 3 or  6 months depending on the organisation, size and time required to introduce necessary changes and ensuring processes and procedures are effectively bedded in. This is an important stage as the processes & procedures are phased in to become the working practice of the organisation. During the implementation stage, reviews will be conducted and any necessary adjustments will be made.