• Ad Hoc Solutions
  • Legal Industry- Solicitors, Barristers, ABS
  • Training - COLP/COFA/MLRO/DPO
  • Government Departments
  •  ISO 9001
  • Quality Standards- implementation, training & audit preparation
  • Security Services
  • SQM
  • Management System Implementation
  • Marketing/Advertising Services
  • ISO 31000
  • Robust Business Review & Guidance
  • IT Industry
  • ISO 27001
  • Risk Management & Compliance
  • Accountants
  • BS 8477
  • Internal Audit & Monitoring
  • Universities, Colleges
  • BS 76000
  • File Reviews - Legal Industry Only
  • Consultant Organisations
  • Investors In People
  • Management Training and Support
  • Assessment Organisations
  • Customer Service Excellence

"I am very much against 'tick box' consultancy which dispenses standard documentation, only aims to pass a specific audit and provides little value. There must be ROI & sustainable growth which can only be achieved through doing things properly and a commitment to continuous improvement.Quality, collaboration and effective engagement should be the norm. Simple but effective & efficient quality systems, processes & procedures which includes regulatory compliance (general & industry specific), HR management, effective use of IT and Customer Service focus has enabled organisations to achieve sustainable business improvement & growth. "

Lowton Consultancy

Quality Management Systems | Quality Standards | Risk & Compliance | Practice & HR Management 

Successful organisations have their roots in processes and procedures that are simple yet effective in enabling continuous improvement and sustained growth “If you have a strong foundation you can build anything on it.”