LL.B (Hons.) University of London
Chartered Member – Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development
BSI Committee Member – National & International Committees.

In September 2014, having managed in the Legal Industry at a Senior Strategic & Operational level for more than 20 years (management experience since 1985), I set up Lowton Consultancy Limited.  I am the sole Director and Owner and provide a complete business consultancy service.

I believe in the importance of getting the basics right to ensure a strong foundation that enables continuous improvement and sustainable growth. Extensive hands on experience in the legal industry combined with expertise of SRA Rules and Regulations, not only as a Consultant but as an Auditor, has made me a natural choice for law firms who seek to grow and improve their business while ensuring compliance and effective risk management. My expertise includes improvement in effective client services through implementation and training of customer service concepts, and effective use of IT to improve business efficiency, client satisfaction and retention. Systems implemented enable the successful application and maintenance of Quality Standards including the Law Society’s Quality Standards (Lexcel, CQS, WIQS),  Customer Service Excellence Standard by the Cabinet Office, International Quality Standards such as ISO 9001, ISO27001 & British Standards BS8477 & BS76000 and Investors in People.   I also assist with ensuring continuing improvement & compliance through reviews & assessments.

Organisations that are not within the Legal Industry, find value in my ability to improve their processes and systems, providing guidance on effective compliance with legal & regulatory requirements that apply to their relevant sector. My assistance has enabled implementation of Quality Management Systems and achievement of  ISO & BSI standards.

I carry out all consultancy work personally to ensure that organisations benefit directly from  my personal experience, knowledge, expertise and to ensure that standards are maintained. Where a larger team is necessary, I retain ownership & lead of the project and use experienced Consultants who work under my specific guidance and instruction.  Yes- I am a bit of a control freak!

In addition to consultancy work, as an Associate, I carry out audit, assessments and training for the Centre for Assessment, a UKAS Certification Body. I am a Lexcel Auditor, Lead Auditor for ISO 9001 Standard and Lead Assessor for the Customer Service Excellence Standard. I am a British Standards Institution (BSI) International and National Committee Member.

I started working at a young age in food retail and moved to London in 1985 to my first managerial appointment as a Deli Manager rising quickly to Fresh Foods Area Manager from 1986-88.  Wanting to further my education I moved to working in a 9-5 environment, initially for the Post Office & then Barnet Libraries while studying for A Levels and progressing to a Degree through self study.

Graduating from the University of London in 1994 with an LLB (Hons.),  I joined the Legal Services Commission (now known as Legal Aid Agency) and gained further management expertise and hands on experience as an Account Manager dealing with Audit, Contracting and Compliance. I was involved in a number of projects including training and developing both Account Managers & Lead Assessors and managing workshops held for Solicitors. Played a significant role in the introduction of the Quality Mark and led the project of integration in Birmingham. Gained a strong foundation of knowledge and expertise at the London offices during a time of significant turbulent change and was involved at the frontline of Auditing and Contract Management including terminations. I was trained and also appointed as an Internal Auditor under what was known as BS5750 (now ISO 9001).

In 2001,  I was headhunted to manage in the Private Sector, and went on to successfully manage three Central London Law firms during a time of economic challenge and industry change. I modernised the practices including their IT structure and working methods, improving their efficiency & effectiveness and while under my Management, they remained profitable.  In 2013, I was approached to join a Consultancy which I rejected but it started the thinking process. I believe in continual development and in early 2014, achieved Chartered Member status of the CIPD through professional assessment of my competence.  In mid 2014 I decided it was time to establish my own company as a Consultant providing a service that did not just look at operational systems but included People Management, Customer Services, IT, Industry & Legislative Compliance and Risk Management. Continuous Improvement is very important to me and I am constantly adding to my skill set. I have always been very computer literate and believe that effective use of IT and Cloud Computing is the way forward for effective business efficiency & growth. While I don’t profess to be an IT expert, I am able to provide guidance on suitability of systems & software.  I really enjoy what I do and take great pleasure when organisations experience improvement & growth when embracing my method!

“I am very much against ‘tick box’ consultancy which dispenses standard documentation, only aims to pass a specific audit and provides little value. There must be ROI & sustainable growth which can only be achieved through doing things properly and a commitment to continuous improvement.Quality, collaboration and effective engagement should be the norm. Simple but effective & efficient quality systems, processes & procedures which includes regulatory compliance (general & industry specific), HR management, effective use of IT and Customer Service focus has enabled organisations to achieve sustainable business improvement & growth. “