Project Description

Training and Guidance on specific issues especially in difficult and unpopular areas. 

  • Compliance Officers- Duties and the role of COLP & COFA
  • Money Laundering Regulations
  • Risk Management & Compliance
  • Solicitors Account Rules
  • Data Protection (GDPR) & Cyber Security
  • Management training and support – know your business
  • Management decision making including HR, Business Strategy
  • People management & disciplinary including dismissals
  •  Improving Customer Services
  • Recruitment – interview & selection of senior managers​

This is not a comprehensive list –  do call with your query even if not listed.


This service is charged at a daily rate of £600 + vat (single site visit)
Travel costs are payable for sites outside London & may include overnight accommodation if necessary.

Benefits (not a comprehensive list) 

  • Unbiased external viewpoint of issue devoid of internal politics, internal relationship, hierarchy influence
  • fresh, innovative and objective approach to problem at hand
  • reduces time wasting for internal managers
  • expertise gained through exposure to differing organisations, industry & approach
  • knowledge of relevant best practice to suit your organisation.
  • where appropriate encourages collaboration & engagement to enable solution
  • no ‘papering over cracks’ – straightforward answers & solutions recommended
  • service available as and when needed.