Project Description

Useful to any organisation as part of an internal audit programme schedule and also used before a formal audit or assessment to test for readiness.  Very popular with Law firm’s who use this service to test their compliance with the SRA Code of Conduct, applicable rules & regulations and relevant standards such as ISO 9001, LEXCEL,CQS,WIQS, or SQM.  Audit of the organisations management systems, processes & procedures and includes a full procedural and compliance review of a sample of files or work.  You will be encouraged to include samples of work conducted by outsourced providers or consultants.  A report  of the findings with recommendations and guidance to assist with compliance will be provided. Supervision, control & risk management will also be tested and included in the report. One day is generally sufficient for single site organisations as it is a random sampling exercise but additional days can be arranged for a higher degree of inspection.  This service can be designed to focus on specific areas of priority  and level of inspection required.


This service is charged at a daily rate of £600 + vat (single site visit)

Travel costs are payable for sites outside London & may include overnight accommodation if necessary.

On completion of a first compliance audit service, any subsequent compliance audit will be entitled to a reduction of £100 off the daily rate.  Offer is open up to 18 months after last compliance audit service and can be only used for Compliance Audits only.​​

Benefits (not a comprehensive list)

  • Unbiased external assessment devoid of internal politics, internal relationship, hierarchy influence
  • Avoids ‘internal reviewer’ complacency
  • Expertise in rules, regulatory requirements & standards
  • Knowledge of relevant best practice to suit your organisation.
  • No ‘papering over cracks’
  • Assurance that ‘all is well” or not as the case may be
  • Enables identification of concerns, areas of weakness & gaps
  • Enables identification of concerns, areas of weakness, development
  • Helps finds ‘skeletons’ if any before auditors do
  • Suitable for all types & size of organisations
  • No hidden agenda, negative findings will  be referenced & evidenced
  • Enables compliance & effective risk management
  • Guidance & recommendations made to ensure effective compliance
  • Good method of identifying & managing potential areas of risk