Project Description

Value for money option for organisations that intend to apply for accreditation to quality standards (e.g.: ISO 9001, LEXCEL etc)

Popular with organisations who wish to have a complete and robust check of their systems, processes & procedures. Every organisation regardless of size has a method of ‘doing things’. Successful organisation’s with sustained growth tend to have a system of processes & procedures that are regularly reviewed to ensure continuous improvement. This service enables implementation & effective use of a Management System to assist organisational success through continuous improvement & sustainable growth. If you have never had a proper external review or system this is an excellent choice. Cost effective solution for organisations who wish to apply for accreditation of Quality Standard’s as the method enables you to gain real value from accreditation and not ‘just a badge’ through a ‘tick box’ exercise. You will get a system that enables the efficient & effective management of your processes & procedures and if implemented properly ROI will be evident. Any necessary documentation, plans, policies, processes & procedure will be bespoke & designed specifically for your organisational needs  On completion of this service your organisation is ready for audit or assessment against relevant standards for accreditation purposes! Where the organisation is within the Legal Industry it includes sampling of files/work against regulatory requirements. For ISO9001 purposes it will include setting up a programme & schedule of internal audit

FIXED PRICE OPTIONS  – single sites based in UK only

£1500 + vat      Sole Proprietor/Owner – up to 2 admin staff
£3000 + vat      up to 25 employees
£4000 + vat      up to 50 employees
£5500 + vat      up to 100 employees

More than 100 employees please contact Jamilah to discuss
For multiple sites add £600 + vat per site
Travel costs are payable for sites outside London & may include overnight accommodation if necessary.

Benefits (not a comprehensive list) 

  • Unbiased external assessment devoid of internal politics, internal relationship, hierarchy influence
  • Avoids ‘internal reviewer’ complacency
  • Fresh innovative and objective thinking to enable increase in efficiency and effectiveness
  • New energy & impetus as improvements introduced
  • Reduces time wasting as processes are simplified for efficiency & effectiveness
  • Expertise gained through exposure to differing organisations, industry & approach
  • Knowledge of relevant best practice to suit your organisation.
  • Encourages collaboration & engagement to enable effective implementation
  • No ‘papering over cracks’
  • Assurance that ‘all is well” or not as the case may be
  • Enables identification of concerns, areas of weakness, development
  • Helps finds ‘skeletons’ if any before regulators do
  • Suitable for all types & size of organisations
  • No hidden agenda, negative findings will  be referenced & evidenced
  • Enables compliance & effective risk management
  • ​Good value for money as it is a total review service
  • ROI evident when completed
  • Takes between 3-6 months from start to satisfactory implementation confirmed by final review.
  • Provided systems are maintained as implemented, continuous improvement & business growth will be enabled

This option entitles an organisation to a reduction of £100 off any daily rate service including compliance audits, file reviews, internal audits & ad hoc services.   Offer is open up to 18 months after last completed service.